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Let’s be real for a minute. Applying decorative finishes to concrete is what brings plain concrete to life. Your concrete patio or concrete driveways are waiting to be given a new lease of life. And the range of decorative concrete finishes available to you is endless. The diversity in color, pattern and style means that there is a decorative service that can meet everyone’s tastes and preferences. All that remains is for you to pick up your phone and call the leading supplier of concrete decorative services in Brisbane.

If you are a homeowner, business owner or property manager in Brisbane Northside, Redcliffe, North Lakes, and Caboolture in Queensland, then you are in luck. Introducing Concreting Brisbane Northside, the decorative concrete experts that Brisbane locals turn to rouse their concrete driveways from the ashes. We boast a wide range of decorative services that are offered by the best in the business. We are represented by a team of qualified and experienced decorative professionals who have offered similar services repeatedly to the satisfaction of their clients.

From exposed aggregate to coloured concrete to stenciled concrete, our concrete finishes are a cut above the rest thanks to the high quality and detailed finish applied by our decorative experts.

Are you in need of a coloured concrete service for your concrete pathways? Or perhaps you are after a more refined look? As long as you are in need of a decorative concreter, Concreting Brisbane Northside is the concrete business you can rely on.

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Our wide range of Brisbane concrete finish options

As the leading supplier of decorative concrete finish services in the Brisbane area, we take great pride in offering our clients a broad range of options for their concrete flooring. Whether it is for your shed slabs, concrete driveways, pool surrounds or industrial space, Concreting Brisbane Northside has a concrete finish that will suit your style and taste. We are the experts in all things decorative concrete thanks to our experienced and skilled Brisbane concreters whose attention to detail in every concreting floor service is second to none.

The beauty about concrete is its ability to be a simple product while still provide a regal and elegant appeal. There is no decorative finish in our array of concrete finishes that better meets that criteria than polished concrete. Its reflective surface provides an appealing concrete resurfacing option that is durable and also resistant to stains. For property managers considering an upgrade in either their residential or industrial properties, this is the decorative finish that we would recommend.

To attain such a high grade decorative surface, our Brisbane concrete team make use of the appropriate grinding and polishing equipment to attain that high gloss finish that distinguishes polished concrete from other concrete finishes. This decorative surface maintains all the other benefits enjoyed by typical concrete products such as low maintenance cost, easy to clean and cost effectiveness. It is no wonder it is one of the most requested concrete finishes.

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Stamped concrete is one of the oldest decorative concrete services available to Brisbane locals. This concrete finish changes the appearance of plain concrete through the use of moulds and stencils to imprint patterns of freshly poured concrete. Stamped concrete imitates other construction finishes and has been considered as a low-cost alternative to slate, brick and timber flooring finishes. All that you need is the proper mould and a stamped concrete professional who can transform your concrete driveways.

For a concrete driveway, exposed aggregate is the preferred stamped concrete option due to its rough texture. This decorative and resurfacing alternative provides a suitable grip that proves critical during rains or storms. Exposed aggregate is also chosen due to the topography of the Brisbane area. Stenciled concrete or simple coloured concrete increases the risk of a mishap occurring on your property. On your pool surrounds, exposed aggregate also provides the proper traction that ensures your children and guests enjoy their time by the poolside.

Stamped concrete is also a good decorative option for an indoor space. Stamped concrete allows Brisbane locals to mimic expensive floor finishes. To get the proper, high end decorative finish, you need to hire the concrete gurus who are known for their quality workmanship. When you hire our decorative team of concreters, you can be assured that the next time guests come over, none will be the wiser.

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Say Goodbye to old plain concrete!

Stamped concrete, exposed aggregate, polished concrete, stenciled concrete and coloured concrete. The decorative and concrete resurfacing options at your disposal are endless. So why do you still have that old and dull gray colour on your concrete driveway? Call upon the decorative Brisbane concrete team at Concreting Brisbane Northside for a quality and detailed finish to your concrete patio, driveway and indoor spaces.

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