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Concrete driveway, concrete patio, concrete pool surrounds. Is there need to say more? Concrete is the most common building material used all over the world. Since its inception, it has been used mostly as a utilitarian, industrial material. This can be attributed to its tensile strength, malleability and affordability when compared to other construction materials. But despite its many advantages, plain old concrete does not seem to do it anymore for homeowners. It lacks texture, style and variety of color. Especially since there are a number of alternative decorative finishes that rank when it comes to aesthetic appeal. So, do we abandon and demolish our concrete driveway or is there something we can add to enhance its decorative aspect? By no means! Here enter Concreting decorative and resurfacing services.

On the ground, we are represented by our well trained and qualified decorative and resurfacing workmen. Having offered concrete products to hundreds of Brisbane residents, our team has the experience to install various concrete resurfacing services that you might require. Our client base in Brisbane Northside, Redcliffe, North Lakes and Caboolture in the Queensland Area has been increasing significantly thanks to our adherence to strict work safety guidelines and our competitive market pricing rates. Despite the affordable rates, Concreting Brisbane Northside does not compromise on the quality and technique of its decorative and resurfacing services. Concrete is no longer the dull grey material but a promising decorative finish!

If there is any product or service remotely related to concrete in Brisbane, be assured that Concreting Brisbane Northside is the concrete resurfacing and decorative business that offers the highest quality and the best workmanship. For comprehensive concrete Brisbane services, call us today and receive a quote for guaranteed quality concrete stamped resurfacing work that will completely change the look of your house. Do not make that change on your concrete driveway without consulting the premier decorative concreting and resurfacing service providers in the whole of Brisbane.

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Popular Brisbane decorative and resurfacing concrete finishes

A decorative concrete resurfacing service is the option that Brisbane residents turn to transform their concrete driveway, walkway or pool surrounds and gives them that high-end look. Many locals agree that the addition of a decorative element has brought about significant changes to their concrete products. From exposed aggregate to stamped concrete to stencil concrete moulds, decorative concrete is preferred over other decorative finishes due to its many inherent advantages that it borrows from plain concrete.

With Concreting Brisbane Northside’s decorative or resurfacing service, every concrete surface within your humble abode can be transformed to produce a stunning effect. Thanks to our well trained and experienced team, our concreting services are of the highest calibre and with adherence to approved concrete standards. Many homeowners have a difficulty choosing the best decorative concrete finish for their concrete driveways, concrete patio or indoor living space. You are at the right place. Having offered decorative and resurfacing concrete services to thousands of Brisbane residents, we shall offer the best advice that will morph your plain concrete into a Brisbane concrete masterpiece.

Stamped concrete

As one of our concrete resurfacing options, stamped concrete has won the hearts of many locals in the Qld region. The concrete finish involves the use of stencil concrete moulds and patterns to create textured, decorative patterns. Stamped concrete allows you to mimic other decorative finishes thanks to the malleability and flexibility of plain concrete. In addition, stamped concrete can be used in myriad places. Homeowners have used it as a resurfacing option for their concrete driveways, walkways and concrete pool decks.

There are a number of different types of stamped concrete options: exposed aggregate, stencil concrete patterns, flagstone stamped patterns among others. Despite the availability of ready-made stamped patterns, our resurfacing crew have noticed that a number of homeowners are requesting customized decorative moulds. This ensures that your stamped concrete does not look similar to the exposed aggregate pattern that your neighbour installed.

Get in touch today with our concrete resurfacing experts and obtain a quote for the best concrete stamped recommendation for your driveway. And did we mention that the quote for our stamped concrete services is free?

Stained concrete

This concrete decorative finish comes highly recommended to those homeowners who are in love with the color. Coloured concrete is not a new decorative concrete service since it’s origins can be traced back to the Medieval Times. That does not mean that you should underrate this concrete resurfacing finish. As the top-rated concreters Brisbane locals trust in, our decorative concrete and resurfacing experts have tweaked the process and established a unique Brisbane concrete finish.

To deliver high quality coloured concrete services, concrete is mixed with acid-based chemicals and additives that will result in a rich and deep tone to your concrete surface. Hire the best concrete resurfacing crew in the Brisbane region to enjoy such services.

Polished concrete

Many homeowners are usually surprised when we suggest this decorative service to them. Stained or stamped concrete resurfacing finishes are the ones typically on their minds. It is one of the most underrated Brisbane decorative concrete services. Once our concrete resurfacing team is done, your floor will have a hard glassy look that will be the talk of the town. For such quality resurfacing concrete services, make sure to get in touch with Concreting Brisbane Northside for guaranteed and comprehensive concreting services.

As a resurfacing option, polished concrete also gives homeowners a number of options to choose from. Our resurfacing professionals make use of heavy-duty machines to grind down a surface to the desired degree of shine. The multi-stage resurfacing process also removes any blemishes or stains that you could have acquired over time. Although it is more common in commercial buildings, the decorative finish always looks pristine for your lobby or kitchen floor. In addition, polished concrete is easy to maintain once it is installed.


If you are seeking to remodel the concrete surface in your living room, this resurfacing option is perfect for you. With the use of the latest equipment and tools, our decorative concrete expert will etch custom logos and designs into your floors for an intricate and unique decorative finish. Using specialized resurfacing tools, geometrical symbols, insignia and names can be cut into the concrete. Among our various concrete resurfacing services, concrete engravings offer that regal and stately finish that other decorative finishes cannot meet.

Searching for the ideal decorative and resurfacing option for your next concrete project in the Brisbane Northside, Redcliffe or North Lakes area?

From stamped concrete to exposed aggregate, there a myriad number of decorative and resurfacing Brisbane concrete finishes available to you. But it is only when you hire the top decorative and resurfacing Brisbane concreters, you are assured that your concrete driveway or walkway will be transformed into a concrete masterpiece. Contact us either via phone call or email and choose the premier concrete resurfacing business to deliver superior and unique decorative patterns.

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