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Concrete is the common construction material used in most of the outdoor spaces in Brisbane. Surrounding your manicured lawns and footpaths are concrete driveways and pathways that give you access to all areas of your property. With the advancements in construction technology and concrete finishes, concrete products are no longer installed in a grey, dull colour. The versatility of concrete allows for residents and property managers to ask for literally any colour on the rainbow. Over the years, resurfacing of the concrete driveway has become one of the most requested services by clients within the Brisbane area. Our task as the number one decorative concrete contractors in Brisbane is simply installing or resurfacing your existing concrete driveways and paths.

Designing and resurfacing that customized concrete coloured product is our joy and pride. It is in our blood and the air that we breathe. Contact Concreting Brisbane Northside today and choose from our diverse range of colours and pigments.

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The Best Coloured Concrete Brisbane contractors in the Qld

Call us today and inquire about our coloured concrete option. Our customer service team will book an appointment for you with our decorative concrete professionals. Upon arrival, our concrete experts will offer you a chart of colours from which you can select the colour for your concrete. Unable to narrow down on a particular concrete colour? Have no worry. Our local coloured concrete Brisbane professionals have the experience and qualifications to guide you to the best colour for your property.

The secret to beautiful pool surrounds and pathways is concrete resurfacing. This decorative concrete service allows a property owner to revitalize and repair the cracked and chipped surface and bring it to life with a range of colours and textures. Our coloured concrete experts use a method known as “vertically integrated” concrete. This decorative concrete mix has the selected colour well blended throughout the mix and not simply an application to the top layer. All areas of your concrete driveway will be well done and have an even finish.

That clean and smooth finish to various areas of your outdoor space might look quite expensive. The colour is even and is done with a glossy decorative touch. But that is where you are wrong. At Concreting Brisbane Northside, all our concrete resurfacing and decorative services are charged at market prices. The best quality finishes and concrete coloured products are available to you at an affordable and budget-friendly cost.

Match the outdoor decor of your home or commercial space with decorative resurfacing services from Concreting Brisbane Northside. For every decorative service, we only use the highest quality pigments that give our products a deep and concentrated concrete colour. We only partner with reputable and reliable suppliers in the Brisbane area, ensuring your pool surrounds and pathways are the new talks of the town.

Contact the premier decorative, coloured concrete and resurfacing business in Brisbane today and receive a quote of our services.

Resurfacing your concrete driveway? A decorative concrete option is a way to go!

If your home or commercial space is located in Brisbane Northside, Redcliffe, North Lakes and Caboolture in the Queensland area, you are legible to the most affordable and quality concrete resurfacing service in the area. Call upon Concreting Brisbane Northside and get a free quote for our resurfacing coloured concrete Brisbane service today. Our range of full depth coloured options will leave your driveways looking all new.

Decorative concrete is the perfect option for your ragged and chipped looking driveway. Give your concrete driveways a new lease of life with the number one concrete resurfacing and professional coloured concrete company.

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