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In comparison to other construction materials, concrete and its products are one of the most widely used. And rightly so. Concrete has a number of properties that have made it a popular option when it comes to erecting buildings and also installation of accessories to both indoor and outdoor spaces. Chief among them is concrete’s durability. However, despite its long shelf life and lower than average repair cost, concrete still requires periodic maintenance to repel the formation and development of cracks, stains and further deterioration. And how do you do that?

Well, by hiring the qualified and experienced concrete sealing Brisbane contractors from Concreting Brisbane Northside. The team of experts at the premier concreting company in Brisbane will install a concrete seal to your concrete floor. Sealing your concrete products provides a barrier that acts as a deterrent to corrosive and damaging agents such as water, chemical products or snow.

Many Brisbane residents (of residential, industrial or commercial spaces) are of the thinking that concrete doesn’t require any maintenance. After all, that’s why they choose such a product. Don’t be a victim of such a school of thought. Make use of this new information and contact Concreting Brisbane Northside today. Maintain the quality of your concrete driveways and pathways by making use of a concrete seal.

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The benefits of a Concrete Cleaning & Sealing Brisbane service

Wondering why you should be sealing concrete driveways, paths and pool surround? As Brisbane concrete consultants, we don’t want you to be misinformed about this. From the experience, qualifications and knowledge of local concrete sealing Brisbane professionals, we were able to outline the following key benefits:

Brisbane is the recipient of some adequate amount of rainfall. And while it might be quite beneficial to our manicured lawns and gardens, it might have the opposite effect to your concrete. Weeds, moss and mould look for the smallest crevices and spaces to grow. Once taken root on your concrete, the small roots slowly weaken your concrete driveways, leading to them slowly chipping away.

Sealing concrete pathways helps to repel water and prevent the growth of scrubs. Call us today and be assured of the longevity of your concrete paths and driveway.

Over the years, Brisbane residents and property managers have fallen in love with coloured concrete and other concrete resurfacing options such as exposed aggregate and stamped concrete. While such options give your concrete that extra touch of finesse, it is only through concrete sealing that you can keep that colour or texture from fading. Exposure of your decorative concrete floors to the elements (without a concrete sealant) results in the appearance fading faster. Consider the hiring of the premium Brisbane, Gold Coast and Qld concrete sealing company, Concreting Brisbane Northside.

Apply a concrete sealant on your concrete surfaces to protect them from permanent stains. While on the patio or the driveway, you might spill some grease or other strong/ highly concentrated household chemical that leaves some strong stains on your floors. From that moment, the appearance and coating of your concrete floors are tarnished and you have to think about what can remove such a stain.

Remove the anxiety and stress lines from your face once and for all. Contact us today via phone call or message and receive a free quote for our comprehensive and indispensable service for your driveway.

Brisbane concrete is already a long-lasting product but that doesn’t mean you can’t extend the lease of life of your concrete. With the commission of our Brisbane, Gold Coast and Qld sealing services, you can be assured that your concrete will outlive you.

Considering the money you spent on installing your concrete driveway, why not protect it from the harsh Australian weather? To maintain the colour, appearance and finish of your concrete driveway, patio or pool surrounds, call us today. Our expert concrete sealing professionals will apply a quality seal coating that will extend the life of your concrete.

Premium concrete cleaning and sealing services

At Concreting Brisbane Northside, we start off our sealing process with a thorough cleaning of the concrete surfaces. This is because concrete is a rather porous product. It has small holes which may harbour reactive agents (mostly of a chemical nature) which may be responsible for the current state of your concrete floors. It is only prudent that the first step will be a thorough removal of such elements from your surface. Due to a lack of maintenance, there might be various dirt coatings formed over your driveway. But once our cleaning services are complete, you’ll be surprised how clean your driveway can be.

To accomplish this task, we make use of high-pressure concrete cleaning equipment on your concrete surface to bring back that original concrete look. The high pressure also removes tough dirt and grit that has stuck to your floor over time. Correct treatment and cleaning of your concrete floor are critical for a proper sealing service. You can be guaranteed that the resultant clean floor is from the use of the proper techniques and equipment handled with the right technique. We care about your concrete floors as though they were our own.

Once cleaning is done, we usually tape up the area to be sealed. This is to protect the brickwork and other surrounding surfaces which may react with the sealer applied to your concrete surface. A clean surface also allows for easy application of the sealer. It is the foundation of a legitimate concrete sealing Brisbane service. Need to inquire some more on our cleaning services? Why not compose and send an email to us? You will receive a free quote detailing all the costs and services offered to you.

It is only after a comprehensive cleaning and taping up of the area that our experts will consider the application of a sealer. Our team of concrete professionals are quite experienced and only use the right sealers for your concrete works. Together with our suppliers and partners, we use environmentally friendly sealers with a low probability of damaging the surrounding.

Just like all good things, maintenance should be a consideration for your concrete floor. Schedule with Concreting Brisbane Northside for a periodic maintenance plan. The frequency of maintenance of your exposed aggregate or stamped concrete floor depends on the type and level of traffic. The harshness of the weather elements also has a part to play on this. But don’t fret about it. Our qualified team will come again after a specified period with our high-pressure cleaning equipment and sealers and bring your concrete driveway back to life.

Protect your surface with high-quality coatings

Invest in a high-quality sealer that will stand the test of time. The sealers and coatings that we make use at Concreting Brisbane Northside help to strengthen your surfaces and prevent the colour and finish from cracking or peeling. A seal acts as a barrier against moisture and deicing compounds that penetrate to the pores of the concrete, leading to cracking and chipping.

In our stock, we also have a decorative, non-slip coat that you can use on your commercial spaces for a glossy and classy finish. The texture and colour of your surface are significantly enhanced while also preserved over a longer period of time. For those in want of a calmer tone to your commercial floor, we have a number of sealer options with us. You can work closely with our local concrete sealing Brisbane experts to select the best sealer for your space.

Don’t worry about the type of coatings to be used for your space. Our friendly staff are here to give you the dedicated service you need for your concrete floors. Call upon us today for a decorative, non-slip coat for your driveway and receive a free quote.

In need of coating your concrete surface? Look no further!

Your concrete driveways, patio and pool surrounds are an investment that not compliments the look of your home but also adds to its value. Guard the fine finish and deep colour of your concrete works by hiring the number one concrete sealing Brisbane company in the Queensland area. Our residential, commercial and industrial clients in Brisbane Northside, Redcliffe, North Lakes and Caboolture can testify of our sound workmanship and quality customer service.

Call upon us today and receive a free quote. All our services are charged at competitive rates making them affordable to many residents and businesses in Brisbane, Gold Coast and the Queensland area.

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